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AVG PC TuneUp 2016

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AVG PC TuneUp 2016

AVG PC TuneUp 2016

AVG PC Tuneup 2016 is an application designed to keep your computer in shape to optimize through files for cleaning, which could delay the operating system and some of its settings. Like other PC optimization software solutions to market, AVG PC Tuneup is a computer for problems and repair them scan as soon as possible. But the application has many more features under the hood. Computer scan takes less than one minute, while the suspension devices can not exceed 10 minutes, depending on the number of problems and their nature.


– Sets speed on PC

– A smoother operation PC

– Extends Battery Life

– Freeing up valuable memory

– Keeps your PC for peak performance

Do not leave traces of your important files –

– Gives you full power automatically

– Fine-tune your computer for even better performance

– Power optimization easier

What’s New:

Updates: official site does not provide information about changes in this version

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Description: –

Get faster, cleaner, more durable and PC with the new AVG PC TuneUp.

AVG PC TuneUp is an application that will help you keep your computer in shape by cleaning the files that could delay the operating system and optimize some of its settings. Microsoft Project 2016

Like other PC optimization software solutions to market, AVG PC TuneUp’s PC for problems and repair them scan as soon as possible. But the application has many more features under the hood.
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So AVG PC TuneUp can register errors as file associations, defined file extensions, help files, history lists, shortcuts and the installed application, but junk files and handle to remove fragmented files.

Features: –

If the speed of PC: –

Turbo Mode:

It includes unnecessary functions to free up more energy

Program Deactivator:

Stop unused programs from draining PC power

Startup Optimizer:

Scans for programs slow computer startup and shutdown

Startup Manager:

It helps you to heal with slow start

Uninstall Manager:

Identify and uninstall unused applications

Disk Defrag:

Accelerates access to hard drive

More room: –

Duplicate Finder:

Searches the hard drive for duplicate files even if they have different file names and advise you on which it is safe to delete.

Disk Space Explorer:

Analyze internal and external hard drives to find the largest 100 files that take up much space and lets you delete them.

Windows 10 App Cleaner:

Cleans junk hidden from the Windows Store and Windows 10.8 Apps, space and helps Errors Fix applications.
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Browser Cleaner:

make Cleans old or broken data from your browser, disk space and help stop the browser crashes. Compatible with more than 25 of the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Windows Cleaner:

Helps Turn off unused functions of Windows, who eat a lot of memory

Fewer accidents –

Registry Cleaner:

De-clutter and clean the registry for less system crashes

Registry Defrag:

Reorganize your registry database to eliminate problems

Disk Doctor:

It finds and fixes hard drive problems

Shortcut Cleaner:

De-clutters your desktop by deleting “dead” links

automatic operation –

Automatic support:

automatically performs routine maintenance

1-Click Maintenance

Cleans your computer silently in the background

Live optimazation:

Running priority of all processes to deliver optimal performance

Automatic Updates for cleaning:

Automatic updates for optimal cleaning

Automatic start-stop mode:

Repeat programs disposable

Update Wizard:

Does AVG PC TuneUp to date

Status Optimization:

you keep the health PC

System Requirements: –

Operating System: MS Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10,

Processor: 300 MHz or faster

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Screen Resolution: 1024×768 pixels

required for installation: 150 MB


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