Niroonamad  engineering company established in 1995 with the aim of self sufficiency in designing, manufacturing and training in the fields of mini refineries implementation(crude oil, used oil, refineries waste ) ,oil purification and regeneration systems and various environmental equipments. Niroo namad  provides full integrated services for EP, EPC, EPCM projects in the implementation of industrial plants. Recruiting very expertized and well experienced engineering team along with applying accurate and advanced equipments have been the main factors of our success. Niroo namad  fucal points are Creativity, knowledge, innovation and environmental preservation


Engineering services:

Niroonamad well experienced team is pleased to cooperate in projects related to financial and technical consultation, projects feasibility, procurement and implementation and start up of hydrocarbon refineries, distillation processes and environmental decontamination.


Moral commitments:

Niroonamad  team is committed to following moralities in all aspects of business.

Our perspective:

Utilizing experience, knowledge, efficient management, creativity and innovation, Niroonamad is aiming to commercialize its technology in the fields of mini refineries and recycling industries in order to protect resources and environment and also to provide entrepreneurship and satisfy national and international needs






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Central Office: On the corner of 5th Kooshesh, 11th anat, High Technologies Industrial State, Sento Road, Mashhad, Iran Postal code: 9355133611

Tel:+985132400757- 60
Email: info@niroonamad.com
Commercial Manager: Reza Ghadrian +989155180363
Executive Director:Majid Ghadrian
R&D Manager: Kamal Moshtaghi monem
Tell: +989155038241
International Trade Coordinator:
M. Sc . Hadi Naderi Tell: +989153032367
Email: h.naderi86@gmail.com

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