MAGIX Video Pro X8 32bit-64bit +Portable Download

MAGIX Video Pro X8

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MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro X8

Magix Video Pro X 8 (x64)

Magix Video Pro X is ideal for editing simple and powerful software for video production.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Torrent Download This suite is awarded by video editing of multi-geared to the specific needs of professional users and ambitious and powerful tool for post-production, which provides a broad spectrum.

professional video editing

Access certain edit, exceptional performance and high image quality and band sound effects.

video Production

Select tools to improve your photos, such as optimized video effects for GPU to accurately measure and, as a wide range of MultiCam editing.

Audio Editors

An audio mixer in real time, the control of key frame and sample accurate effects editor with broadcast quality, as well as a ton of offers everything you need to optimize the sound.


Such an approach seems NewBlue plugins package that impressive color filters and transition effects and all extras like Mercalli V2 includes perfect image stabilization.

The main features:

– Support Professional format (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Scalable 4K video editing processing proxy smooth

– Primary and 3-way color correction Secondary

– In Multicam editing of up to nine subjects simultaneously

– Support Comprehensive Action Cam

– Surround sound editing broadcast quality

– Decoding hardware-based HD and UHD (,)

– NewBlue appearance: color filter superior unforgettable film

What in MAGIX Video Pro X8 is new:

The kick-off

visual characteristics of a transfer to another video. The program combines the values ​​of color and sound of two separate videos automatically.

Machining 360 camera

Pro X video camera 360 degrees last images provides a wide range of options.

4K / Animation Product

Use 4K image material and information section of the low-resolution images.

It seems NewBlue Color Film:

Change the color and light have a look in the classic film take -.

– Colour Suite Pro: Adjust the color balance, saturation and brightness of the images.

– Gradient Tint: to improve a variety of filters using image color.

– Highlight: an image of a region under a spotlight.

– Flash Pro: Create a warm light on the original image to be added.

Exposure advanced features

View and shades of color and luminance correction value of the RGB channels individually, you can edit.

Modern models Title

More than 250 models of brand new titles are completely redesigned, modern look and structure.

support OpenFX

Now you can change the default plugins directly OpenFX than the effect of the video Mediapool.


Pro X video editing software first video of the world supports hardware acceleration for Intel ultra-fast.

Native support ProRes

The native support for the latest versions of Apple ProRes video codec.

New version:

* Fixed rare business if the name of the program,

* Imports JPEG a bug,

* Fixed “recorded straight to DVD”

* The ability to HDV in crash recording

* Fixed crash when changing communication (USB, DVD, …
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* Rare Fixed crash when switching folders Media Pool

unstoppable * Fixed part interview fullscreen effect

* Rare Fixed crash when switching between dialogue Effect

* Effect of permanent dialogue Small problems (brightness, neck, Monitoring)


* Lens correction and a list of the panning effect frame 360

* Error fixed combination of effects Neck Rotation +

* Fixed illogical behavior, setting keyframes

* Fixed some plugins crashes Mercalli

* Fixed issue to open the effect of the application

* Related corrects title errors

Plugins OpenFX fixed (the effect of the application) error related

* The error is corrected, to implement a series of collages

* Models set for the DVD Download

* Rare Encodierabbrche hard when HEVC- and DVD Export

* Crash fixed path after export animation canceling

* User Interface Minor and location for repairs


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