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World of Warcraft 6

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World of Warcraft 6

World of Warcraft 6

World Warcaft not just a game. This is a great online roleplaying game enjoyed by millions of people around svyat.Istoriyata World of Warcraft started in 1994 with the launch of Warcraft: Orcs are real-time strategy adventure. Ten years and several sequels later the series took a leap of the online world of World of Warcraft, which has now become the world’s leading MMORPG.V able to subscription-based and online-only title, the first thing you need to do after installing World of Warcraft is open war.

Net account and activate it using your credit card. When you start the game, enter a username and password on your home screen, and you’ll be ready to join priklyuchenieto.Vashite the first step in World of Warcraft obviously includes character creation and selection of the kingdom (which is server) where you are going to play .

These two decisions are important, as they determine the way you play World of Warcraft. For example, acts as a hero who can withstand the most powerful attacks, certainly not the same as playing as a priest who specializes in healing other players.

Also, if you choose a PVP server (and not PVE), you must be ready to fight with other players and computer controlled monsters.

It is a reflection of the struggle between the Alliance and the Horde, two opposing in World of Warcraft.

Once your character will appear in Azeroth, World of Warcraft imaginary world, you are free to move, to explore the country or chat with other players to take advantage of the rich social elements of the game.

Your main goal in World of Warcraft is to increase your character from level 1 to level 70, you can earn experience points by killing monsters and doing quests can range from meeting a few flowers will slay the fearsome dragon hidden in his cave. BuildBox v2 1 torrent

The higher the level, the better the game items (weapons, armor, spells, etc.) you can use. Eventually you will be able to buy the most expensive items in World of Warcraft, like mountain flying, and enter searches more dangerous, some of which can only be successfully completed and very well-organized team of players to 40. If you do not want competition leveling, you can enjoy the way another play World of Warcraft: participate in the race to catch – the banner between Alliance and Horde in the so-called Battlegrounds, making World of money by selling in-game items on the Auction house or to the extent Artisan depending on what profession to choose for the character your skinning, herbalism, cooking or Jewelcrafting.Shto comprising graphics, World of Warcraft shows different landscapes, from the snowy slopes of Dun Morogh forest, like the land of Strangleton Vale or Tanaris desert plains.
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The atmosphere is enriched with natural sounds and great music fon.Nakratko, World of Warcraft is a great adventure that can be played in many different ways.


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