Transformer Oil Regeneration Systems


Transformer Oil Regeneration Systems for the Oil used in industry, like transformers and so on, must have certain properties and the most important are Heat and Electricity. Put in very simple term, Transformer Oil must be able to stay stable at high temperature and must be able to stop the Electrical current going through it, otherwise the transformer will get damaged and ultimately will explode if the oil is not regenerated.


The phrase, Dielectric is used here for Transformer Oil and refers to the properties that insulate it from Electricity, protect the active parts and its cooling properties. As the name says, the Transformer Oil Regeneration system, Regenerate or could be said, Re-build the oil after Aging (A phrase used to describe the process of Transformer Oil losing its properties due to repetitive usage and because of mixing with other elements) by lowering the contamination by these other elements. This can be done either at plant or in most cases, done at site using Mobile Units.

Niroonamad Oil Transformer Regeneration systems
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