Varnish Removal Systems

Varnish Removal System is a process of oil filtration used to separate Varnish from the Oil.  Things to know is that Varnish and Sludge are the two main reasons in clogging up the Engines and they do this so effectively, that once the Engine has stopped working, it is then that the real damage to parts in Engines can be seen. Varnish, to compare with Sludge is hard and covers the internal surfaces. It is created in due time, after the oil being repeatedly used and in stages.



Oil electro filter or varnish removal

Varnish is one of the most harmful and destructive elements created in the engine using industrial Lubricants. It is like a yellow, gold and clear layer which, not only covers the parts inside the engine but also sticks to the inner surface.

Varnish, is dis solvable in oil and it forms a rigid deposition layer on the surface of items. This leads to decrease the heat transfer and blocking the routes of the oil circulation. Therefore, decreasing of the oil efficiency, increasing the energy consumption of sensitive parts such as protective and control valves of system and can lead to serious engine failure.

Using the electrostatic filters we remove the varnish from the oil using the latest modern technology as well as self-controlled gradient filters.




Niroonamad Varnish remover systems
Niroonamad Varnish removal Systems
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