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Thin film, dryers are used When, the process of Short Path Evaporators, separate the chemicals which need high temperature to detach from used oil by applying Vacuum at low temperature and in turn, change form from Liquid to Gas, then, The Thin Film Dryers change it once again but from Gas to Powder. This process is done by rotary blades and therefore we keep all the chemicals intact which in turn can be used back again.

Thin Film Evaporation

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Thin film evaporation is a method to transfer Seriously dangerous material(which a liter of it mixed in water can contaminate nearly, 1 million liter of water) back to its original form so that so, it can be used all over again (our system are able to recycle the same oil for nearly 300 times) .

Thin film evaporator is a cylindrical shell enclosed in a heating jacket. It is equipped with an internal rotor which distributes a thin layer of oil on the heated wall by means of rotating blades. This rotor which is electrically driven causes high turbulence and back mixing in the thin layer of the oil film and avoids product degradation when at high temperature.

Thin film evaporator features

Short residence time and high turbulence in the thin film improves heat transfer coefficient and avoids  overheating, oil cracking and fouling. High evaporation rate obtained by a simple pass High oil yield is achieved without degradation or polymerization of heat sensitive material High on stream factor and easy maintenance.

Boiling point:

The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the environmental pressure surrounding the liquid. ( water boils at 70 C on Everest peak). At greater height, there is less air above you and hence pressure decreases. Lesser pressure hence lower boiling point as you go higher. In medium vacuum, free path ( average distance traveled by a moving particle such as an atom, molecule or a photon ) between successive impacts is less than 0.1 mm and gas flow is defined by viscous flow equations. But in high vacuum, this free path is considerably increased then Knudsen diffusion equations are applied.

  • Short contact time with hot surface
  • High heat transfer rate through the film 
  • High evaporation at low temperatures 
  • High heat transfer coefficient
  • No degradation or loss of active ingredients 
  • Self-cleaning of heat transfer surface 
  • Low pressure drop during evaporation 
  • Suitable for viscous liquids 
  • High  economic benefits 
  • Compliant with environmental standards 
  • High on-stream efficiency
  • without corrosion, fouling, coking 
  • High quality base oils ( API group ) 
  • High technology without acid- clay method 
  • Low energy and low utility consumption 
  • High separation selectivity, removal of contaminants  
  • High process yield ( oil recovery is more than 95 % ) 
  • Management of all odorous compounds to eliminate malodorous and toxic emission


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