Lube Oil Re refining is nothing short of a miracle. When Engine Oil is used to a point that due to repetitive use can no longer be effective, it is replaced by new oil. Even today, in many countries, the used oil is thrown away and usually it ends up either emptied on land or in water. The effect of Used Engine oil on Environment is so damaging that it was imperative to come up with a solution.

Lube Oil Re refining, is a way of separating the oil from all the additives and impurities so much so that the oil can even become more pure than what it was. The miracle doesn’t end there, all the additives can be then separated and re-used again to the point that, one can make his own engine oil.

At the end, what we get is Engine oil and all the extra additives which was added to it for better performance and be re-used all over and think about it, not only no more crude oil is used to make more but nothing gets dumped in to water or land.


Used Lubricating Oil Re-refining

Niroonamad used oil rerefinery plant
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