Used Oil Re-refinery

Niroonamad working for Environment

Crude Oil can be Refined to a point that it can be used as Engine Oil once a  number of additives are added to it.آ  When the Engine Oil is no longer  usable due to repetitive usage because of,

A. the Molecular structure of the additives starts to break up due to heat and cold.

B. Particles of other elements mix with the oil.

These, causes the Engine Oil to age and no longer can function. At this point, a number of processes are used to separate these elements from the  based oil and return it to when it was just refined. This procedure is  called Re-refining.

We use either Thin Film Evaporator or Short Path technology to Re-refine the engine oil back to when it was refined.


Used oil re-refining

Used oil re-refining by thin film evaporation is an economic method of recycling, which helps conserve resources and protect environment. It enables us to process hazardous material in a safe and effective way to recover a high quality base oil product. The base oil or VGO distillate, produced in this way, is a suitable feedstock for oil blending units. Recruiting expert and enthusiastic engineers, using the latest knowledge in industry along with applying advanced and accurate equipment, Niroonamad has taken important steps in the designing, manufacturing, installing  and commissioning of used oil re-refining plants using the technology of thin film evaporation.

Niroonamad  re-refining process removes all the containments from the used lube oil and recovers a distillate product as VGO high quality base oil ( API Group I or II )


We help our World

Environment protection:

Niroonamad re-refining system is  an economically attractive method which is environmentally friendly (please read about the way it helps to save our world) too. The used lube oil or motor oil has adverse effects on the environment. When used oil enters the drain and gets to the sewage treatment plant, a very small concentration of oil can effect and mess up the whole treatment processes. A film of oil on the  water surface of seas, lakes, rivers prevents the oxygen and sun light from entering the water. It makes it difficult for plants to grow. Water, air and soil are all connected, thus if used oil or its sludge  enters any of them, can harm human beings and also kill fishes, birds, and other wild life.



Services : 

 Offering the best solution

 Feasibility/ Economic analysis

 Generate basic and detailed engineering design documents

 Supervision from designing to commissioning

 Personnel training workshops

Our goal:

We have started working with the aim of preserving the ecosystems of rivers, lakes and nature. We have achieved it by purifying and recycling of used oil and therefore, controlling environmental pollution.

Raw material:

Used oil or waste oil can be used as raw material for re-refinery plant. The used oil is available in every part of the world at industrial units, ship service stations, garages and service stations. The used oil contains water, dirt, solid particles like metal, silica and other impurities.


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