Chemical substances

Because oils and greases have a variety and special properties and more than 85% of machine failures are due to direct oil operation and contamination, so before choosing a good lubricant, factors including viscosity index High, very low coefficient of friction, high lubrication, compatibility with parts, suitable cleaning properties and resistant to rust, corrosion, oxidation, heat and abrasion should be considered. In this regard, Niroo Namad Khorasan Trading Unit is ready to cooperate to supply, import and sell specialized oils and lubricants of Mobile, Castrol, BP, kuber, Shell, Pars, Behran, Iranol, Esso, Total, Texaco Total, Rhenus, Rocol and. .. directly without intermediaries with the guarantee of being original and the best price with the least time.

  • Supply and sale of car oil
  • Supply and sale of base oil SN150-SN350-SN500-SN650
  • Supply and sale of original additives
  • Supply and sale of turbine oil
  • Supply and sale of transformer oil
  • Supply and sale of hydraulic oil

Base Oil

Base oils are obtained by refining mineral base oil or by chemical (synthetic base oil). These oils have boiling points in the range of 550 to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit and contain hydrocarbons with 18-40 carbon atoms, these hydrocarbons can be paraffinic or naphthenic, which depends on the chemical structure of the crude oil.

Base oils are graded under different names:

  • Neutral Solvent (SN)
  • Bright Stock (BS)
  • Neutral (N)

Given that various refining processes that are common today for the production of base oils can lead to the production of base oils with different properties, the American Petroleum Association (API) classifies base oils according to their physical properties. Chemical and their characteristics. Based on API grouping, base oils are divided into 5 general groups: API I, API II, API III, API IV, API V, each of which has sub-branches.

Transformer oil :

Electricity is one of the most central industries in the economic growth of a country and any country that seeks economic growth has a vital need for the development of the electricity industry. Distribution of electricity from one power plant to different areas requires the use of power transmission and distribution networks, which is done by power, distribution and power transformers.

There are two types of transformer insulation oil bases:

  1. Mineral oil from crude oil with hydrocarbon oil base (naphthenic, paraffinic)
  2. Synthetic oils made in the laboratory such as Ascarl, silicone, ester and …

Turbine oil :

Turbine oil is used in a rotating mechanical device, which converts heat energy into mechanical energy to generate power. In the course of the production of this force, any unforeseen disruption and stoppage will cause a lot of financial damage. Among the companies producing turbine oil, we can name Shell, Mobil, Aso, Behran, Pars, Iranol, Total, etc., which are approved by General Electric, Alstom, Siemens, ABB (which are major manufacturers of turbines). They have, he noted.

Silicone oil :

Silicone oil is a type of liquid silicone impregnated with organic side chains. This oil is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable and has been welcomed in the trade due to its lubricating properties and relatively high thermal stability. The main constituents of these polymers are the variable atoms of silicon and oxygen.

Compressor oil :

The formulation of compressor oil production depends on the type of compressor and the type of compressed gas and pressure. It is very important to use suitable and specialized compressor oil in compressors. The structure of compressor oil, like other oils, consists of two main parts: base oil and additive. The main functions of compressor oil are lubrication of internal parts, cooling, sealing and prevention of corrosion and wear. Mineral-based compressor oil is suitable for normal working conditions with non-reactive gases, and synthetic-based oil is used for harsh working conditions with high temperature and pressure with gases that are reactive with mineral-based oils.

Compressor oil is selected based on the type of compressor, the type of compressor operation, the type of compressed gas and the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Car oil :

Engine oil is one of the most widely used lubricants in the market. Based on this, various standards and classifications for engine oil have been presented, which are three important references for standardization in the automotive industry and related industries:

  • US API
  • ACE Europe
  • ILSAC Asia

Hydraulic oil :

Hydraulic oil is one of the most important groups of lubricants, accounting for almost one-fifth of the lubricant market. This oil contains base oil and additives, the quality and efficiency of hydraulic oil depends on the quality of the base oil and the composition of the additives used.
Mineral base oils (paraffinic oils, naphthenic oils) are used as hydraulic oils or hydraulic base oils. Hydraulic oils based on synthetic oils (poly-alpha-olefins, ester oils and polyglycols) prepared by hydro-fracture method are mainly used as fire-retardant oils as well as biodegradable oils. In addition, vegetable oils are used as biodegradable oils.
Hydraulic oils used in the food industry are also mainly based on white oil, poly-alpha olefins and polyglycols.

Grace :

Grease is a gelatinous solid or semi-solid substance that consists of a base oil (mineral or synthetic oils) as a lubricant, a hardener (metal soaps, polymers and minerals) as a carrier of base oils and additives. Is.

After oils, lubricant has the highest consumption of lubricants and due to the presence of filler in it, it adheres to moving parts and does not separate from the part under gravity, centrifugal force and pressure. Therefore, they are used in places where the oils are no longer responsive, such as when the lubricant should act as a barrier to the entry of dust or exit of some materials from the machines, or the position of movement between the two surfaces is such that the lubricant is needed. Requires semi-solid such as industrial gears, large bearings, pulleys and the like. Lubricants such as oil are used to reduce friction and erosion between two moving parts to the lowest possible extent.

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