Transformer oil regeneration

Transformers are devices used in electrical circuits to change the voltage of electricity flowing in the circuit. Transformers can be used either to increase the voltage (called “stepping up”) or decrease the voltage (“step down”). Petroleum based mineral insulating oil which is mostly used in power transformers carries diagnostic information about the state of transformer. Hence, the proper maintenance of insulating oil ensures the reliability of transformer. Due to thermal stress in the transformer, mineral insulating oil is subjected to oxidative degradation process in the presence of oxygen. Damage caused by degradation will destroy paper and maybe irreversible. Therefore, for improving the lifetime of transformers, used oil must be replaced with new one or it can be reclaimed.

Our transformer oil regeneration machine not only removes water, gases and solid particles but also eliminates or reduces soluble and insoluble polar contaminants from the oil. Niroonamad transformer oil regeneration process is a highly efficient method that is done onsite and can be performed on a live transformer. Additionally, this process can restore the oil like the new one condition based on IEC 60296 standard.

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